Wednesday, December 29, 2010

hAPpY tRaiLs 2 yOu ~ uNtiL wE mEeT aGAiN....

The time has come & 2010 is almost to its end... I can say for myself, it definitely had its "Ups & dOWns" ....there were for sure more downs than ups for me... but for every 10 downs ~ there were 2 ups that blew the downs away... as this year comes to an end, I think of the quote "if at first you don't succeed ~ try & try again"....well they say you had to hit rock bottom to pull yourself back up ~ well by joe, I think I've hit that place & am ready to brush myself off & move on... but before I move on there are a few things that I need to straighten out & then its a wide open road for me to journey on...

Here's to your road, may it not have to many bumps or pot holes or detours in your journey call "Life"...
Have a honey of a night ~ sweet dreams!
Marlene aka Mizz Bee

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  1. I hope we can meet again this year Marlene. Today I was going thru the box of "sister swaps" from SB and thinking how generous you were and how nice it was to meet you.
    To a very productive 2011.