Wednesday, March 18, 2009

To New Beginnings..... Discover the Inner Beauty In Everything

As I sit here in my art studio, I am truly amazed with my inner discovery... I, someone who always puts things off because of the fear of failing...ventured out of the box, not only am I starting THIS blog - I've already open many new doors by establishing my another blog, christened "Q Bee C" aka Queen Bee of Creativity...I can't decide at the moment, if both will be whimsical or one whimsy & one serious - that's lingering in the galaxy for the moment... until I've decided which star will sky rocket to the moon...

The name of this blog is based on two things that I am fascinated with, one is "Bees" and the other is based on the theory of the word
"Serendipitous" (discovering the inner beauty of things)....Serendipitous is also the name of my very very small enterprise...On my business card the "S" in Serendipitous is actually a Swan...its like the story of the ugly duckling that becomes the beautiful Swan...I find old items and discover new ways of using and showing them instead of casting them aside...this method should be used in all of our lives...what I mean is that - look deep inside of yourself and you will find a bright shining star that is illuminating from within - bring it out to the open and let us all take a peek of your inner beauty...

As the quote goes..."Yesterday is behind us, tomorrow is before us but today is the present".. a gift that is given to us each and every new day.
Go ahead I dare you to DISCOVER....

May Grace & Peace Bee Yours...


  1. Love all of your positive thinking and actions.....I am sure your swan will end up swimming in a lake of happiness. I am happy for you. I had a good interview today for a job and have to wait until April 9th for a second interview--I won't tell many people this because if it doesn't work out--I don't want the sympathy--what I do want is some prayers and positive energy sent my way. I am telling you because I know you will send some positive energy my way. I really really want this job---it is like my husband said it is right up my anyway I love the look of your new blog--so happy for the insect backround. My motto is whatever will bee will bee, but I sure hope I get this job!!!!!!!

  2. Ah well - you and me both then!! I need to finish a few things myself.... so count me in support of your mission.

    That said please do let me know if you ever do get around to making the kitchenette. I'd love a photo!

    With my very best & warm wishes,

  3. Hi Marlene!
    My gosh, am I really your first follower on this blog??? Yay!!! I feel so honored!
    Now keep on posting those positive posts that we so much enjoy...go ahead...I DARE you! :)
    Beautiful blog this is!!!!
    everything vintage

  4. This is beautiful! And you write so well. Keep going. It's not too late!

  5. I'm so happy to have found this blog. I can definitely relate to every single word. I will happily follow along and we can motivate each other. New Beginnings...I am so with you. I am recovering from an extended illness and surgery and I am excited, grateful and motivated, yet it seems to be baby steps. This is a beautiful blog and I look forward to taking more peeks at your inner beauty.

    xoxo Susi

  6. hey you! just to let you know, that Sunday at Collingswood, is "ok". the good stuff i get is on Fridays, when it is more on vintage/antiques. sunday you might find some interesting things, but there is more newer stuff there that day. (the junk guys usually have good stuff)

  7. your email keeps bouncing, so i'm going to try and leave info here. please let me know when you get it:

    hey! was just leaving a comment on your blog - funny! the dates are Sunday, June 28th 1:00-4:30/5:00 and thur. July 9th 10:00-1:30/2:00. the class is $65, plus $10 kit fee. if you send me your paypal addy (if you have paypal) i can send you invoice.

    do you have a soldering iron? you will need one. i have geralyn's extra one, but it doesn't get as hot as the one i use. it's your choice if you want to use it or get one for the long haul!


  8. Lovely words and sentiments from an even lovelier lady.I'm glad you came to visit with me today, your words always give me a sense of peace, Many Thanks and

  9. Marlene I am sorry that your mother was not longer here when you were only 7 and I am happy that you had a wonderful auntie that loved you and became your second Mom.

    I am sorry to hear that she is no longer there though.

    But you have your wonderful memories and that at least is something.

    Love Renee xoxo

  10. Marlene, Thanks for your sweet comment about Manny. I love the name Wheezer and you are right, Manny does look like Charlie Chaplin. Your new blog is lovely. Bees and swans, two of my fascinations as well, there is something magical about both. Hugs, P.